Hot Tips to Plan Wedding Night Sex

Wedding night is one of the most much-awaited nights of your lifetime. You feel anxious, nervous and above all a lot of expectations from your man. Everyone swears by the fact that Indian marriages are exhausting affairs. Thus, many couples give a skip to Jaipur Escorts wedding night sex and wait for honeymoon period as they want to enjoy each and every moment of it. While for many people, sex acts like a relaxing therapy and they are ready to give it a try despite being exhausted to a great extent. So, if you fall in the latter category, you can make your first night memorable and pleasurable with few hot tips.


Communicate About Wedding Night before the Night – It is not necessary that like you, even your female partner is ready for sex on a wedding night. She might be nervous, feeling little bit apprehensive, having fears or lots of questions in her mind.  Questions may relate to safe sex, your expectations from her to pain and bleeding during sexual intercourse. So, it is an ideal way to discuss the subject of sex before wedding night. This makes both husband and wife comfortable on a wedding night and they both know what they have to do.

Wear Something Sexy - If you think that your husband will get in the mood by seeing you in wedding lehanga, you are sadly mistaken. No male on this earth would ever get sexual aroused by seeing her female partner covered in heavy clothes from head to toe.  It is a must to wear something that makes your newly-wedded husband excited and energetic. Sexy lingerie or bikni dress would do a wonder in setting the right mood and bringing element of pleasure between the sheets. You can discuss about Jaipur Call Girls sexy night dresses about call girls in Jaipur as they keep good stock of it.

Wear Scent of Love – By this time, you must be aware about your partner’s favorite perfume. Surprise him by wearing his favorite perfume on those areas where you want him to kiss you. Make him crazy by dabbing it some on your hairs, bed sheets and pillow so that everywhere he smells your body scent and keep hugging you again and again.

Talk While your Make Love – Because you both are making love for the first time, thus it is important to keep talking to each other and make other feel comfortable. Lovemaking process is beautiful if both the partners share highest comfort levels. Crack the joke if you find your partner little nervous or appreciate her beauty to make her feel confident. There is no harm in spending some quality moment before starting an actual picture on your wedding night. If you really want to love the art of talking while loving your partner, Jaipur escorts would be your best partner. Try to avail their couple services and you will definitely be pleased with the results.

Start Slow – Remember the old adage, “ slow and steady always wins the race”? It is important to control your emotion and excitement on a wedding night. Do not jump straight to the sex; create magical moments instead to make a night memorable one. Start with kisses. Kiss your partner and seal the moment with a perfect lip-lock. Jaipur Escorts Service Give him a hint that it is just the beginning by undressing her slowly while you are kissing her. In this manner, you will definitely soar the temperature of a room and seduce your life partner perfectly.


It’s time for Foreplay - Extend your foreplay session by playing some games. Wedding night is the best night to know about your partner or to gift him/her. Before getting too intimate, enjoy wine with love of your life or ask him to find naughty gifts which you have kept in the bedroom at secret places. If he is able to find the gifts, fulfill his naughty wishes and desires.

Get Ready for Mind blowing Sex -  Once you both are excited to take a plunge, do not delay further and start loving each other madly. This is the time when you show your partner that how anxiously you have been waiting for this moment. Satisfy her to the fullest with deep penetration and encourage him by making dirty noises. Independent Jaipur Escorts Take your time and feel the warmth of wedding night sex. At this point of time, only love blossoms everywhere. Do not forget to share your experience of wedding night sex with us.