Learn Seduction Tips from Jaipur Escorts to Woo your Partner


The art of seduction is often considered as a tricky game. Some women like Jaipur Escorts hold expertise knowledge in this art and make any man drool over them within few minutes with Call Girls in Jaipur. However, many females face tough time in appeasing their males. So, if you fall in the latter category, below mentioned are few seduction techniques that you need to master upon. Believe it, once you master these tips, heated sex action is bound to follow between the sheets with your beloved.

Introduce Element of Surprise – Do not make sex a mundane activity for you and your partner, thus introduce an element of surprise in your sex life. It is not necessary to plan a big surprise for your partner, small and lovely surprises really amaze him and make him fall in love with Jaipur Escorts you over and over again. For instance, once in a week try to surprise him by wearing sexy lingerie without his request to do so. This will give him indication that today you are willing to enjoy hot and steamy sex and turn him on in no minutes.

Send “Sexts” to Him – Sending seductive text messages is one weapon that is often used by Jaipur call girls before making sexual encounter with their clients. This is one of the tricks which never fails and delivers exceptional great results.  Try to flirt with him over messages by sending messages like “You naked body really drives me crazy”, “You look really cool in your black trouser and white shirt” and so on. These messages will really make him happy and confident about their bodies and next time, he will indulge in more passionate lovemaking activity.

Hot Kiss with Steamy Foreplay Session – Passionate kiss followed by steamy foreplay session is one of the biggest turn ons for males. You need not to do much to make him understand what you are really forward. Do not say anything, not even allow your body language to communicate anything, simply allow your lips to disclose your sex desire today!

Undress Yourself in His Presence – Have you ever wondered why males love spending hours and hours with independent Jaipur escorts? Why males believe they are sex diva? There is a reason. Jaipur escorts know all tips and tricks to woo their partners and they swear by the fact undressing in front of clients is one activity which really woo them. When he comes to home after spending tiring day at work, either take off your clothes in front of him or allow him to undress you. Allow him to feel your beautiful booty and breasts and love will blossom naturally.

Try Sex in New Position -It is a known fact that men love experimenting with new sex moves and sex positions. If he is always the initiator in the bed, blow his mind by taking initiative this time and taking seduction to new level by indulging in sex in new position. Shedding your all inhibitions and being a sport is one thing that he will definitely appreciate and love about you. If you are not sure about which sex position will work best, try to spend time with beautiful Jaipur escorts Service or watch them in real action and you will definitely going to learn a lot.

Seducing your male partner is no rocket science; you simply need to learn few tricks and techniques which increase his libido. Hope you will find this guide helpful. Do not forget to share your views that which trick you follow!